Hurricane Season is Here: Be Prepared People!


June 1st marks the official first day of hurricane season in the Atlantic Ocean.  This means that we are in the time of year where conditions are more favorable for tropical systems to form (even though they can form at any time during the year).

While the National Hurricane Center is predicting a relatively quiet year, given all the rain and water drama Houston & surrounding areas have had in the last two years, it’s a great idea to be prepared for a big storm.  It’s been 8 years since Ike and Houston’s last major hurricane to hit landfall (and that was only a Category 2 when it hit land…YIKES).

Below is a list of items to be better prepared for a storm if a hurricane were to hit Houston.  Remember – as with what happened with Ike (and we learned with the freeways being parking lots during Rita) – a storm can turn quickly and you may not have enough time to evacuate.

  • Water (1 Gallon of water per person/day for at least 3 days is suggested) – remember to fill up at least one bath tub during a storm for water to flush toilets!
  • Food – have a 3-day supply of non-perishable foods on hand (I went for 3 weeks without power during Ike, so keep in mind you may not be able to heat things up
  • Cooler with Ice – if you know a storm is coming, I would fill up as many coolers as you can with ice as ice is a huge commodity in Houston when you have no power and your refrigerator looses power
  • Battery-powered or hand crank radio (TV and phones won’t work)
  • Flashlight and extra batteries (or candles, but flashlights are safer)
  • First aid kit
  • Whistle to signal for help (I saw this on a website and thought this was interesting…especially in the event there are tornadoes mixed in)
  • Tools: Wrench or pliers to turn off utilities
  • Fitted Plywood for windows
  • Manual can opener for food
  • Cell phone with chargers, inverter or solar charger
  • Generator & Full Gas Cans
  • Car – if there is any sign of a storm coming, fill up your tank before you even think it’s necessary as there will be long lines at the gas stations
  • Mosquito Spray (if it’s hot inside, might as well be outside…and that’s where the mosquitoes are!)
  • Gas Grill with a full propane tank (to cook up all the food you have in your fridge after you lose power & before it goes bad!)
  • BOOZE – you will definitely need enough to weather the storm and then make it through the stress of the aftermath – stock up and don’t forget ice!
  • Games – it gets pretty boring with no power, so always a good idea to have a few games to pass the time while you ride out the storm
  • Flood Insurance – check with your insurance agent to make sure your flood insurance is up-to-date and your home owner’s insurance coverage is up to snuff!

Stuff That’s Important:


REALLY Important Supplies to survive any hurricane:









Stay safe this hurricane season!!